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FORE is committed to supporting good practice in osteopathic research. Here you will find links to research organistions, resources and reports related to osteopathic care.





Centre for Osteopathic Medicine Collaboration


Commission for Osteopathic Research Practice and Promotion


National Council for Osteopathic Research


Osteopathic Research Center


Research Council for Complementary Medicine





Chiropractic and Manual Therapies


Deutsche Zeitschrift fur Osteopathie


International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine


Osteopathische Medizin


Osteopathic Research Web





Osteopathic Patient Expectations (OPEn) study: research commissioned by the General Osteopathic Council into patients’ expectations of osteopathic care as part of a wider programme of work to enhance knowledge of the attitudes, needs and concerns of the public and patients who seek the care of osteopaths.  


The Roadmap for European CAM Research: a European policy brief setting out the results of the CAMbrella project. This project sought to review the status of Complementaty and Altnernative Medicine (CAM) in Europe and propose an appropriate strategy to develop an understanding of CAM use and its effectiveness in response to the needs of healthcare funding bodies, providers and patients.


Standardised Data Collection: led by the National Council of Osteopathic Research this project aimed to develop and pilot a research tool that would enable osteopaths to collect, share and compare patient data.











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