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28 April 2017: Registration is now open for FORE's next General Assembly meeting taking place on 17-18 June 2017 in Paris. For more information email the Secretariat.


7 April 2017: We are pleased to confirm the 22nd General Assembly of FORE will take place on 17-18 June in Paris. For more information email the FORE Secretariat.


25 March 2017: We are pleased to announce that the Syndicat Francais des Osteopathes will be taking over the Secretariat of FORE as of the end of June this year.


This is as a temporary measure as FORE continues to explore merger with the European Federation of Osteopaths, and is in response to the General Osteopathic Council relinquishing the Secretariat of FORE, a position it has held since FORE was initiated in November 2005.

3-4 February 2017: This weekend GOsC Chair, Gert Jan Goede, attended the AGM of the European Federation of Osteopaths - a valuable opportunity to explore further cooperation opportunities between our two organisations for the benefit of osteopathy and osteopathic patients across Europe.

20 January 2017:  A cold day in Brussels, but a warm gathering with our EFO colleagues today - exploring further cooperation and merger for the benefit of European osteopathy.



16 January 2017: The European Commission has answered a question posed by Ms Carolina Puset MEP in the European Parliament on the recognition of osteopathy in the EU.


In her question tabled on 31 October 2016, Ms Puset asked:


"Osteopathy is an independent health and first aid profession that is recognised as such in a number of EU countries. The academic, professional and ethical criteria that apply to osteopathy are set out in European Standard EN 16686: 2015 on 'Osteopathic Healthcare Provision'. However, the profession is not yet properly regulated in some Member States, including Spain.


It is clear, in the light of this, that where osteopathy is concerned, Spain is failing to comply with Directive 2005/36/EC on the recognition of professional qualifications and Directive 2014/54/EU on freedom of movement of workers, in that it does not allow osteopathy professionals who have received propert training in other countries to work on an equal footing in Spain.


The unsatisfactory situation has a bearing on both patient safety and on osteopathy professionals' rights as regards recognition and freedom of movement in EU countries.


Is the Commission going to take action in response to this failure to guarantee patient safety and uphold the rights of osteopathy professionals throughout the EU?"



The European Commission responded (answer given by Ms Bienkowska) on 12 January 2017 as follows:


"According to the Commission's database, the profession of osteopathy is not regulated in most Member States, including Spain. The directive 2005/36/EC on the recognition of professional qualifications does not also foresee that certain professions have to be regulated. Instead, Member States which regulate a given profession must recognise education, training and work experience in other Member States under the relevant procedures.


As there is no harmonisation on the profession of osteopathy in Europe, the Member States are free to determine which activities they foresee for this profession. Thus, the training requirements and the reserved activities for this profession may differ from country to country. As a consequence, Spain can, for example, reserve some activities that osteopaths do in other Member States for other professions on its territory. This is in line with EC law, as long as it meets the requirements of the principle of proportionality and non-discrimination."

15 December 2016: Osteopathie Quebec has published a competency framework for the osteopathic profession in Quebec. Entitled Le referentiel de competences lie a l'exercice de la profession d'osteopathe au Quebecthe framework sets out the standards of education, training and practice expected of osteopaths in Quebec. To inform the development of the framework, existing standards including those produced by FORE were used. 

19-20 November 2016: We were pleased to welcome 26 delegates to FORE's General Assembly in Cyprus which was formally opened by representatives from the Cypriot Ministry of Health and Parliamentary Health Committee. Along with governance matters, the programme covered discussions on leadership within the profession, latest political developments concerning the regulation of osteopathy across Europe, and an informative workshop led by Andras Baneth on communications and advocacy. 

28 October 2016: Today FORE's Vice-Chair presented on osteopathic standards across Europe at the European Healthcare Professionals Crossing Borders conference. Sharing a platform with representative from the medical, dental and nursing sectors, this was a valuable opportunity to promote to delegates, who also included officials from national Governments and the European Commission, what the osteopathic profession is doing to promote high standards of patient care.


17 October 2016: A nice feature on the European Standard in today's Times of Malta:



7 October 2016: Our joint event with the EFO to launch the European Standard in the European Parliament gets a mention in today's Brussels Times


29 September 2016: Today sees the formal launch of the European Standard on Osteopathic Healthcare Provision at a seminar in the European Parliament today. Bringing together osteopathic organisations from across Europe, this was a valuable opportunity to raise awareness of the standards of osteopathic care that patients should expect no matter where they seek treatment.



18-20 September 2016: FORE's Chair, Gert Jan Goede and Vice-Chair, Philippe Sterlingot will be attending the annual conference and AGM of the Osteopathic International Alliance in Anaheim.


This event provides a valuable opportunity to bring together osteopaths and osteopathic physicians from across the globe to exchange ideas around education, regulation and research.  More information is available at:

26 August 2016: Latest pic of public information we are producing on the European standard on osteopathy. Available in a number of languages and ready for launch next month at the European Parliament.


For more information email

19 August 2016: Great to see osteopaths represented in the Olympic medical team in Rio!



22 July 2016: Our factsheet on the CEN Standard is taking shape and on track for formal launch at the European Parliament in September. Any members wanting the factsheet available in their mother tongue, contact the FORE Secretariat.



11 July 2016: Registration is now open for FORE's 21st meeting of its General Assembly. We will be meeting in Nicosia, Cyprus from 19-20 November 2016. To reserve your place and for more information contact the FORE Secretariat.

7 July 2016: Today, FORE members Gert Jan Goede, Philippe Sterlingot and Tim Walker met with representatives from the European Federation of Osteopaths to progress talks on merger between our respective organisations, as well as the planning of a joint event at the European Parliament in the Autumn. More details to follow shortly.

24 June 2016: FORE's Chair and Vice-Chair met with Peter Jonas from Austrian Standards today, to discuss the development of a certification system for osteopaths in Europe. This would be based on the European Standard on Osteopathic Healthcare Provision as a way to assure patients and others that osteopaths meet the European Standard. A more formal proposal will be presented at FORE's next General Assembly on 19-20 November in Cyprus. Contact the FORE Secretariat for more information.

9 June 2016: News out this week that the National Council in Switzerland has voted in favour of a register of health professions which will include osteopathy. The proposed register will follow the model already used for medical professions. This means that not only will osteopathy be regulated at federal level, instead of by the different cantons, it will now be recognised as a health profession. It was also agreed by the Swiss National Council that the standards of training for osteopathy would be at masters' level.


3 June 2016: Delighted to hear that the Sentate in Italy has voted to support osteopathy as a health profession. Next step a vote in the Chamber of Deputies to make this official.


27 May 2016: Lots of ground covered over the last two days in Brussels. New status, proposals for a new governance structure and plans for a new Secretariat, as well as ideas for a certification systems for osteopaths in Europe - watch out for more information shortly.


16 May 2016: Good news from Germany. Following a meeting last week, German Health Ministers from across the 16 federal states have agreed to support the regulation of osteopathy. This follows an initial proposal put forward in Saarland. More details to follow ...


13 May 2016: The 21st General Assembly meeting of FORE will take place on 19-20 November in Cyprus. For more information and to register your interest in attending, please contact the FORE Secretariat.


9 May 2016: We're pleased to hear from FORE member Robert Grech that the third osteopath has now registered in Malta with the Council for the Professions Complementary to Medicine. Robert has been working hard with the Council to promote high standards of osteopathic care for patients in Malta since he started practising there in 2013. This new registrants in Malta represents an impressive tripling of the osteopathic profession in three years!

For more information see our page on osteopathy in Malta.


28 April 2016: A proposal to recognise osteopathy as a healthcare profession has been passed this week by the Health Committee in the Italian Senate. This is an amendment put forwad by Senator Emilia De Biasi to a wider decree (ddl 1324 Lorenzin) on the reform of health professions in Italy. Early days, but a positive step forward for our Italian colleagues. 


17 April 2016: International Osteopathic Healthcare week starts today. We encourage all our members and partners to get involved. For more information see:


21 March 2016: Do you have what it takes to be the next FORE Secretariat? FORE is recruiting for someone to provide this important support role for FORE and its members, starting from January 2017. This position is part-time, and needs someone with solid administrative, organisational and communication skills. Along with languages, a familiarity with governance procedures and the workings of the EU would be desirable. For more information email 


11 March 2016: FORE now has its own Facebook page. Launched this week we hope to use this platform as a way to promote wider communication between FORE members, and to engage with patients and the public about our work to promote high standards of osteopathic care across Europe. To like our page and to join the conversation see


19 February 2016: The latest issue of CONNECT, the newsletter from the European Committee for Standardisation, is now available to download. Page 15 features the European Standard on Osteopathic Healthcare Provision.  


18 January 2016: This weekend FORE's Chair, Gert Jan Goede, gave a presentation at a meeting of representatives from three Italian osteopathic organisations: the Associazione Professionale degli Osteopati (APO) the Federazione Sindicale Italiana Osteopatia (FESIOS) and the Registro degli Osteopati d'Italia (ROI).


The purpose was to to explore the future direction of osteopathic regulation in Italy. Other presenters included Tim Walker from the UK's General Osteopathic Council and Philippe Sterlingot from the Syndicat Francais des Osteopathes (also Vice-Chair of FORE).


All speakers talked about the work of their respective organisations and emphasised the important need for collaboration among APO, FESIOS and ROI to achieve any headway in gaining the ear of the authorities if they were to achieve any future regulation of osteopathy in Italy. 


1 January 2016: Netherlands takes over the Presidency of the EU until 30 June. For more information about the Dutch Government's Presidency programme see


28-29 November 2015: FORE members will be gathering this weekend in Luxembourg for the 20th meeting of the General Assembly. This, FORE's 20th meeting, will see over 30 representatives from across Europe come together to discuss key issues of interest to osteopathic regulation.


Along with agenda items relating to FORE's governance and national updates from members, the programme includes presentations on: regulation in Portugal by Dr Jorge Esteves (Instituto Piaget, Portugal); osteopathic education accreditation in Europe by Rob Muts (Osteopathic European Academic Network); and the status of osteopathy in Luxembourg by Dr Carlo Steffes (Luxembourg Ministry of Health).


For more information, contact the Secretariat


5 October 2015: From 1 October this year, osteopathy became a regulated profession in Portugal. Existing practitioners of osteopathy have until 6 December to submit relevant documentation to the Ministry of Health in order to obtain professional registration as an osteopath. 


The title 'osteopath' will be protected in the law, meaning no one in Portugal will be able to practise as an osteopath without registration with the Ministry of Health. 


In terms of training, individuals will need to qualify with a degree in osteopathy awarded from a Portuguese university. All higher education institutions have until 15 October to submit their application for recognition of degrees (4 years full-time, with 240 ECTs and 1,000 hours of supervised clinical practice) by the Portuguese Quality Assurance Agency. 


More information is available here.


25 September 2015: Chair of FORE, Gert Jan Goede, is attending the annual conference of the Osteopathic International Alliance in Montreal, Canada this weekend. This event is a valuable opportunity to network with colleagues, promote the work of FORE, find out about latest developments in international osteopathy and share good practice. For further information see:


20 July 2015: Registration is now open for the Annual Conference of the Osteopathic International Alliance. Held in conjunction with Osteopathie Quebec on 25-27 September 2015 in Montreal, the theme of this year's conference is 'Osteopathy: A Global Presence'. For details of the preliminary agenda and to book your place visit:


27 June 2015: The annual conference of the Centre for Osteopathic Medicine Collaboration (COME) takes place today at the Conference Centre Humangest, Pescara in Italy. For more information


18 May 2015: 31 representatives from organisations across Europe came together at the weekend in Milan for the General Assembly of FORE. Discussions included a new strategic plan for FORE 2016-19 and the implementation of pan-European osteopathic standards from January 2016. Speakers included Maurits Dekker from Lloyds Register, Professor Fabrizio Consorti from the Italian Society for Medical Education and Dr Francesco Cerritelli from the Council of European Osteopathic Medicine Collaboration. FORE's next meeting will be during the Luxembourg Presidency in the second half of this year.


30 March 2015: Today the European Standard on Osteopathic Healthcare Provision has been approved by national members of the European Committee for Standardisation. 


This marks the end of three years' determined effort on the part of the osteopathic profession to build, for the first time a consensus on pan-European standards of osteopathic education, training and practice.
This Standard will now be prepared for publication, before coming into force in the 2016. For information on the background to this project see the section on Osteopathic standards or contact the FORE Secretariat.


11 March 2015: Today the National Research Center in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NAFKAM) launched its new website CAM regulation. This website provides details on the regulation of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine in 39 European/EU countries, including osteopathy.


Research and information at NAFKAM gives high priority to patient safety. As CAM regulation differs substantially from country to country in Europe, NAFKAM's objective is to give an overview for European citizens to make informed and safe choices when they seek treatment both at home and in another Europen country.


For more information see:


30 January 2015: The final vote for the European Standard on Osteopathic Healthcare Provision is now open. This proposed European Standard aims to set a benchmark of education, training and practice standards expected of osteopaths in those European countries currently without any regulatory mechanisms.


All FORE members and their colleagues are encouraged to vote in favour of this proposed Standard, to ensure the minimum votes required for approval. The deadline for voting is 29 March 2015.


For further information, contact the FORE Secretariat.


16 January 2015: Yesterday saw the launch of a new law to regulate Allied Health Practitioners in Gibraltar.

New legislation will see 23 professions regulated by the UK based Health and Care Professions Council, General Chiropractic Council and General Osteopathic Council (GOsC).


The legislation deals with the registration of private medical professionals, good practice, dealing with complaints and much more. It covers a host of professions including chiropractors, physiotherapists and osteopaths.


Gibraltarian Health Minister, the Hon. Dr John Cortes, was also present and assured practitioners that these regulations were important for both the public to have confidence in their healthcare, and for the professionals to keep up to date 'and offer the best possible service'.


This event also marked the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Gibraltarian Medical Registration Board and UK regulators, including the GOsC, on exchange of information. 


8 January 2015:  The European Commission today launches a new series of Citizen's Dialogues, giving people across Europe a chance to talk directly with members of the European Commission. In the Mission Letters sent to all Commissioners in September 2014, President Juncker called on the College to be "politically active in the Member States and in dialogues with citizens."


The concept of Citizens' Dialogues builds on the model of “town hall meetings” or local fora during which politicians listen to and debate with citizens about policies and decisions being taken. Between 2012 and 2014, the European Commission organised 51 Citizens’ Dialogues in all Member States. 


Gibraltar's Health Minister, the Hon John Cortes

1 January 2015: Lativa takes over the EU Presidency for the first time.

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