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Nederlands Register voor Osteopathie

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Nederlandse Vereniging voor Osteopathie

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Osteopathy in the Netherlands

Osteopathy in the Netherlands is not recognised as a distinct profession and is not protected by law.


Professional organisations such as the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Osteopathie (NVO) and the Nederlandse Register voor Osteopathie (NRO) are working to achieve legal recognition of osteopathy as a disctint healthcare profession.


There are about 600 osteopaths registered with the voluntary register NRO.


Most osteopaths work in the private sector, either alone or in a group practice. There are rules
and regulations to maintain the quality of osteopathy. The NRO keep a check on
these rules to guarantee the quality of care for patients, health insurance companies and the government.

Osteopathic students follow a recognised part-time of full-time degree course run by private institutions. The private institutions are accredited by an independent commission.

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