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Osteopathy in Israel

The Israeli Osteopathic Association (IOA) was founded in 1991 by osteopaths trained in academic institutions  in the UK and Europe who had emigrated to Israel.  The association was voluntary only accepting osteopaths with academic degrees.  


Around the year 2000 several non-academic institutions were established by osteopaths not associated with the IOA, the largest and best resourced of these being the Wingate School of Osteopathy. These organisations formed separate competing registers for their members. In order to regulate the profession the IOA started negotiations with these organisations and participated in presenting an Osteopathic Bill in parliament, along with chiropractors, towards academic regulation, the Bill was unsuccessful.

In 2013 the two main osteopathic organisations agreed to amalgamate around the FORE frameworks to form the Israeli Register of Osteopaths (IRO). The IRO's primary goal is to regulate osteopathy, protect the public and raise the standard of osteopathic education and awareness in Israel. 

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