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Registre des Ostéopathes de France 

8 rue Thales

33692 Merignac Cedex


Syndicat Français des Ostéopathes

13 rue Dulac

75015 Paris

Osteopathy in France

Osteopathy has been recognised in France since 2002.

Today the French health authorities register around 20,000 practitioners, the majority of whom practice osteopathy only, while other also work as medical doctors, physiotherapsists, midwives or nurses.

The French Government accredits osteopathic schools, most of which provide five to six years training courses.

Patients can visit osteopaths without any medical referral. Osteopathic care is not publicly funded. 60% of patients receive osteopathic treamtent through private insurance schemes.

There is no one statutory regulator for osteopathy in France. Osteopaths can be members of the professional associations or unions, such as the Registre des Osteopathes de France and the Syndicat Francais des Osteopathes.


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