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The Cyprus Osteopathic Association (COA)

President: Evangelos Evangelou

4, Ayiou Demetriou Street


2012 Nicosia



+357-99 444252


The Cyprus Osteopathic Association is the only osteopathic association in Cyprus, founded in 2008.  The COA is a self regulatory organisation consisting of 14 members. 


As a general rule the COA follows the practice standards and the code of ethics laid down by the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) in the UK (where applicable in Cyprus) as 12 of our 14 members are also GOsC registered.


Whilst it is not illegal to practise osteopathy in Cyprus, there is no Government regulation. The COA's mission is to promote the recognition and regulation of osteopathy in Cyprus in order to provide high standards and ensure the protection and safety of patients.


The COA has had many contacts with Ministry of Health officials throughout the years and an Osteopathic bill has been drafted.  In July 2014 the Ministry of Health asked the COA for further recommendations regarding the bill, and also asked the Cyprus Medical Association for their comments. On the 6 August, 2015 the COA met with the new Board of the Cyprus Medical Association (CMA), as a result of which the CMA agreed to assist the COA to regulate osteopathy in order to safeguard and protect the general public.





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